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SUBJECT: This game changing Amazon plugin puts affiliate commissions on autopilot


After months of building, testing, and debugging, these guys have created the most powerful Amazon plugin WordPress you will have seen.


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Allow me to introduce you to WPDollar.

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Let me put it this way: WPDollar is an All-in-One plugin that automatically pulls relevant information from Amazon and seamlessly displays it on your WordPress blog as text ads, banner ads, and review posts. And your affiliate link is included in all of it. This absolutely ingenious plugin will enable your conversions and revenues to skyrocket – completely ‘hands free’.


And don’t worry about the installation process. If you can hit two buttons, you can do it. WPDollar is plug-and-play. It practically installs itself and there are a load of tutorial videos
You can forget about international compatibility issues. There are none! WPDollar has been extensively tested and is proven to work in all international versions of amazon, including the UK, Canada, Japan, France, and Germany.


Don’t worry about the plugin displaying ads on your blog that “don’t quite fit.” WPDollar allows you to target only specific categories you want per each campaign and set the ad size, ad type and more. Each and every affiliate link placed on your blog will be an exact match. To make this offer even better 10 Niche WordPress Blogs are included so you can have your own auto-commissions amazon blog network up and running in not time.


If you are an Amazon affiliate “guru” or even somebody who is only vaguely interested in Amazon, do yourself a favor and check out WPDollar. After a simple install, there is no need to complete tedious tasks or to even outsource them so somebody else can slave away doing them. Why? Because WPDollar does it all for you. No other plugin is more ‘turn-key’ than this.
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PS: They may take this down at any time as it’s going to Clickbank so act fast: [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]